Oh No! My new Swiss-made $7,000 bike that I just picked up was just ripped off.  Oh Crap! I didn’t even have time to set it up!  Oh Thank You! I got it back within two hours and the thief said he was thankful for the experience!

WIRED Magazine reports a guy (we’ll call him ‘Bill Kiriakism‘) picked up his brand new Stromer ST2 E-Bike (electronic bicycle) in San Francisco while driving to work. He had been waiting months for this Swiss made bike to arrive. It was cable locked to the roof of his car, he would only be an hour or two in the office.

This same $7000 bike was GONE! when he came out a few hours later, cable lock cut. And he hadn’t even set it up, all he had was the serial number. That turned out to be enough.

Stromer operations was able to pinpoint the precise location of the bike. But it wasn’t until the ST2’s “Theft Mode” was activated that the cops moved in. On an ST2, “Theft Mode” locks the back wheel, rendering the bike completely inert and unrideable. Lights flash and the word THEFT is displayed on the bike’s built-in LED screen.

Kind of like KITT but for bikes.

When interrogated by the SF cops, the man caught with the stolen bike said it was an impressive ride… he had had a grand time on the ST2.