Amazon’s pending show starring the lads who seceded from Top Gear STILL has no name. It’s been 9 months! Show already is running trailers and will debut in autumn. WTF?

Let’s try to be of help, shall we?

Right after a successor show was announced, Clarkson suggested “House of Cars” (reference to House of Cards when Netflix was considering picking them up) …and James May threw out “Gear Knobs”.  These appear to have gotten a meager chuckle in certain watering holes, but disappeared from further contention.

Clarkson, May and Hammond just this week fielded an email from the platinum billionaire and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos himself asking them to finally commit to a name.  The lads’ suggestion of *Ace Biscuits* apparently failed to resonate with honchos at “Amazon.”  Amazonian lawyers have nixed any name that seems to borrow from or derive from Top Gear.

Following is a list of names Clarkson et al may wish to consider.  Remember, you don’t have to like them all, you only have to like one.





Road Warriors


Three Shifts



Front Seat ….

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