This is the roadster judged the most beautiful of them all for 2017.  At the just concluded Grand National Roadster Show,  Bruce Wanta’s Mulholland Speedster took the trophy as America’s Most Beautiful Roadster.

Not that it didn’t have plenty of stiff competition…

The Mulholland Speedster is deemed a 1936 Packard Roadster.  And it did start out as a 1936 Packard 1401 coupe.  There’s plenty of Packard to admire: like the grille, the beltline ending in the Packard spear point, the hood vents accented by two chrome rails, and authentic Packard instrumentation.  But the discerning eye will find a pastiche of design influences from a range of pre-war cars.

Mulholland-Speedster wins Grand National Roadster Competition

Mulholland Speedster is first non-traditional roadster to win the trophy in 7 years 

There’s also an infusion of modern technology like smartphone apps controlling the winter grille and the suspension.  Plus the top disappears into the synchronized opening trunk.

Here are some other scrumptious finalists at the 68th annual show:

Dr. Dan Peterson’s 1932 Ford

Dr. Dan Peterson’s 1932 Ford

Glen McElroy’s 1937 Ford, After Shock

Glen McElroy’s 1937 Ford, *After Shock*

1932 Ford pickup Boss 32

1932 Ford pickup Boss 32


Matt Gordon’s 1932 Ford Pickup *Time Merchant*


Matt Taylor’s 1927 Dodge, Fool’s Goldster


Scott Hawley’s 1932 Ford *Back in 47*


Shawn Killion’s 1928 Lincoln


Wayne Johnson Probiscus

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