Let’s huddle up!  What is a 70’s American Motors car doing on the 18th fairway at Pebble Beach?

Showing all you need is some Bizzarrini…

The AMX/3 – an AMC concept project from 1970 – won the Bizzarrini class at Pebble Beach.  Like me, you probably didn’t know there was a Bizzarrini class at Pebble Beach, but take one look at this car, and you would give it a trophy.   Probably why all those guys are huddling up in the background.

From the company that gave you the Gremlin and the Pacer, you get the inspired work of Giotto Bizzarrini.  Bizzarrini is the creative force behind the Ferrari 250 GTO. His advanced ideas emerged later with the superb Bizzarrini P-538.

Bizzarrini P-538

Bizzarrini P-538 – 1967 – Designed by Bizzarrini… Photographed by David Taver Adolphus

The Bizzarrini design for the AMX/3 was thwarted by the hefty cost of production projected by the bootstrapped AMC and the pending federalization requirements. Bizzarrini built five prototypes, and that is what exists today.

The #4 AMX/3 that won at Pebble Beach Concours passed hands a few times since 1970.  It ended in the hands of Jurgen Wilms.

AMX/3 at Pebble Beach Concours 2016

The car Wilms bought, he had seen the car at Villa d’Este in a more primordial state.  He pondered whether to restore the car to how it was presented as a concept car in 1970.  Or should he restore the car to a version “hopefully faithful to the [original] design team’s ideas.”  He decided to incorporate design changes he believed AMC’s designers would have implemented had the AMX3 gone into production.  These modifications included additional scoops behind the rear window and an era-correct AMC color, *Bittersweet Orange*.