A cutaway 1965 Corvette? You need one, dude!

And you can bid on it on May 2, at the RM auction in Fort Worth. You can also bid on 75 other cars from the Andrews Collection, including Duesenbergs, a Cunningham, some one-off Packards and a 1963 Shelby 289 – the very first Cobra racing car sold to the public.

Let’s focus on that cutaway Corvette for a moment. Remember the “visible man” model when we were growing up? According to Autoblog, Chevrolet plucked a fuel-injected ‘vette off the assembly line, painted its innards in color-coordinated colors, and used electrically operated rams to separate and lift the body from the chassis.

That Corvette is the only lot to have a reserve. (It’s expected to fetch over $1 million.) The other 74 cars are no reserve.

Reason for the sell-off? What Paul and Chris *the son* enjoyed most about their collection was driving their cars around the country to various events. With all the costs and bandwidth associated with that, they need to focus on their favorite 15.

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