Time was when folks just got into their car to go out for a drive.  Not to accomplish anything but just to drive in a car.

Does anybody do that anymore?

I can remember when it was considered a totally valid leisure activity for your family to pack into the car and head out for a drive.  Reason: to see a lot more stuff than you would if you walked or rode a horse.  The driver (in my traditional household, it was dear Dad) would also get the added pleasure of navigating and operating a car, preferably late model.

Ken Eberts Growing up in Bronx

Ken Eberts artwork *Tremont and Grand Avenue* about his growing up in the Bronx

Now that having a car and driving have become so pedestrian (to make a pun), question: do people still make time for a leisurely drive?  No task to be run… no particular appointment you have to make. Just like in the fifties… do you just go for a drive for the love of driving?

We asked a panel of 100 respondents: well, do ya?

The answer is YES more often than you might guess. 29% of respondents go motoring for the heck of it at least once a month.  Another 11% just go for a ride at least 3x a year.  16% go at least once a year.  That leaves 44% of drivers who only use the car for utilitarian purposes.

I suppose we should have asked if that carefree driving includes SCCA racing, drag-racing and “I just bought a Porsche 911 R!”.  If we do the study again, we should also control for RV escapades.

Testa Rossa Bill Motta

Bill Motta’s artwork *Testa Rossa* – one galavanting guy enjoying freedom.

The composition of our panel reflected the make-up of the US in both age and income distribution.

In a typical month, do you ever get behind the wheel of a car, not to visit Taco Bell, but to cross your local version of the Golden Gate Bridge?  Tell us on our Facebook Page.  We’ve also selected some prints that absolutely capture the rapture of taking a half day off to enjoy the road!