Ken Eberts Automotive Artist

One of the world´s foremost automotive artists, Ken Eberts is a guiding light of automotive fine art.  He began his career as a car designer at Ford, before turning to automotive fine art in 1968. Over 1,000 of his original paintings are in museums and private collections worldwide. His paintings have reproduced as magazine and book covers, Christmas cards and posters to commemorate automotive events, most famously the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

Ken is the founder of the prestigious Automotive Fine Art Society (AFAS).

Ford Motor Company chose him to commemorate their centennial in 2003, an honor last given to Norman Rockwell for their 50th anniversary.  In 2005, Eberts received a ‘Car Oscar’ — Meguiar’s Treasure of the Hobby Award for his lifetime achievements — the first time it had ever been awarded to an artist.  Over his career, his work has been showcased in more than 25 one-man shows.

Ken’s body of work makes a statement about how cars have defined our culture and society.   His paintings and prints are filled with the warm recognition of nostalgia and a deep passion for cars.

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Here is a video from 2009 in which Ken is interviewed by Barry Meguiar…