Todd Howe Automotive Art

Todd Howe’s artwork celebrates the moments that have become mythical in Southern California car culture. Each painting tells a story in the blink of an eye. Whether he paints the early days of drag racing and hot rods or a classic car stopped at a desert gas station, he creates a thrilling ride on canvas. Todd’s work has been featured in numerous publications and on TV.

If Howe wasn’t painting, he claims he would have no idea what he would be doing. Unlike most children’s dreams of being a pro athlete or a celebrity chef, from an early age Howe knew what he wanted to do and actually did it.  Growing up Howe wanted to become a policeman or an artist and as fate would have it, he became both.

As a high school student, Howe learned about the mechanics of cars through the “sweat equity” that came from fixing up his own. He soon learned however, as any artist would – fixing the inside of an automobile wasn’t nearly as fun as it was to custom paint and pinstripe them!

Todd Howe’s Art Career

Today, car and racing enthusiasts are drawn to his works for their natural and unstudied style.

Inspired by his own travels and friendships, his passion for painting is tremendous and his hope is that it shows through in his work. Howe points to automotive artists like Kenny Youngblood, Ken Eberts and Tom Fritz as major influences, who also have become his friends. We asked Howe, what the biggest compliment you’ve ever received, and he simply answered, “It’s a compliment any time someone buys my work.”

And when asked, what’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given, Todd responds, “Be honest and stay the course whatever path is chosen.”

Todd Howe’s offerings include originals, high res digital reproduction scans otherwise known as a Giclee, as well as signed prints. Several of the prints we offer are autographed by legendary drivers like Tom “The Mongoose” McEwen and Don “The Snake” Don Prudhomme.

Howe is a great American artist, and we hope you take the time to peruse his work in our Todd Howe Gallery.