Vintage Racing Posters like Geo Ham

Founder and co-worker Michael Knab has just returned on a 2 year international quest.  His objective was to locate a 100% high caliber source for prints of the most exceptional racing posters from yesteryear.

As of the end of 2015, his endeavor looked like a washed up schooner impaled on thunderous boulders around Nantucket.  A scene from the 16th century!  Impaled.  Immobile.  Impatient.  Some of Knab’s co-workers were even heard to snicker behind his back.


Now is the time to recognize and reward co-worker Michael Knab for his tenacity or more likely obstinence.  Let the tubas blare! This co-worker’s quest has suddenly enjoyed a brilliant discovery of printing acumen and perfectionism.  To see the breadth of vintage posters  can now provide, please check out our Vintage Posters gallery. The gallery  swells with the work of legendary poster artists of the time, like Geo Ham and Falcucci.

You’ll see posters for Le Mans and the Grand Prix in many other cities, most especially Monaco.

The prints we now offer are exactly those by the heralded artists we sought.  The posters are exactly the posters we coveted.  So imaginative and dynamic; from a whole new world!  Now they are available to view on our website, and for your purchase for home or office.

Whatever wall you put one of these posters on, you will be happy on a daily basis.  Maybe energized.

To celebrate the breakthrough, cake and Coke Zero will be served in the cafeteria at 3 pm.