Just posted on YouTube is a :30 glimpse into the new Batmobile from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It’s a silent assemblage of B-roll footage, but you get a good idea of what the new “Bat conveyance” looks like. It’s a lot sleeker than the Tumbler. It more Z06 than a chopped and acrobatic Humvee.

On the forums, a few commentators have noted a strong resemblance to the Batmobile in Batman: Arkham Knight game. As for armaments and special functionality, we’ll have to wait to see. Click on Tumbler to see what it packed.

Batman / Bruce Wayne is being played by Ben Affleck (I guess anyone can look buff in a padded rubber suit); Superman is played by Henry Cavill, who was Clark Kent (Superman) in the 2013 flick Man of Steel.

If you want to see the whole trailer (not just the Batmobile), click on Batman v Superman. In terms of plot, it seems more on the theme of plain folks distrusting superheroes- such mistrust as you know has plagued Batman since the beginning.  The movie is due out in March, 2016.

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