Something “funny” happened to Lewis Hamilton on his way to winning the Monaco Grand Prix today [May 24]. At the end of the race Hamilton had lead with customary ease, an accident brought out the safety car. Hamilton was inexplicably called into the pits. Only Hamilton.



Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images

Nico Rosberg and Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel were not pitted. And thus Lewis Hamilton’s 25-second lead evaporated as he emerged from the pits suddenly in 3rd place.

So Nico Rosberg wins and Vettel takes second. A dejected, maybe steaming, Hamilton is third.  No explanation for the pit stop has been forthcoming from Mercedes-Benz, other than “sorry.”

“I can’t really express how I feel so I won’t even attempt to,” said Hamilton.  This is a race that has been very close to my heart for many years. It was a great feeling to have that gap in the race. I didn’t even have to push that much, I could have had double that lead if I had pushed… You live to fight another day.”

Maybe it was just in the cards, as Nico becomes the fourth driver after Graham Hill, Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna to win three straight at Monaco.

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