Imagine the bosses at Ferrari sitting around – shooting the breeze at a lazy cafe near the Maranello factory. Sipping their fourth aperitivo, they grow tired of chewing over their awesome F12.

So someone exclaims, “hey guys, let’s build something really crazy!”

Ferrari has just announced the new F12tdf Berlinetta. It’s the F12berlinetta GT made even mo’ awesome. “tdf” refers to the Tour de France endurance race that Ferrari dominated nine straight years from 1956 through 1964.

The Ferrari bosses aren’t bored now!




The V12 engine has been boosted from 730 horsepower to 770. There’s more torque, too with 80% of it available at a modest 2500 revs.  The seven-speed transmission shifts 30% faster (actually 40% on downshift).  The track is wider, wheels larger, and the brakes are straight from the LaFerrari.  Did we mention four-wheel steering?

So cornering speeds are higher – 100% guaranteed to make even Jeremy Clarkson blanch (if not the Stig).  One main reason is that the tdf produces 87 percent MORE DOWNFORCE than the “stock” Berlinetta.

Ferrari reports 0-62 time in blink of an eyelash.  The F12tdf will reach 124 miles per hour before you can touch your tongue to your nose.  It will stop from a top speed of 211 mph before you can put your hand over your privates.

Only 799 will be made.  Price has not been announced, but undoubtedly will equal the gross domestic product of our Mountain Time Zone states.

Jason Torchinsky of Jalopnik is undoubtedly correct when he speculates the apertif-sipping bosses sought to create an extremely agile and powerful car to be driven by less expert drivers.

“… which to me sounds like they’re trying to deprive the world of cameraphone videos of wealthy-but-stupid Ferrari owners losing control of their cars and taking out fire hydrants.”

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