The UK is going to leave the EU (European Union).  Besides worrying the heck out of investors and pensioners, they’re still going to be making cool Brit cars, right?

Of course they are… pass the pickled eggs.

Brexit car design

Apparently a watery channel is enough to separate Britain from Europe.  That and a bumptious Trumpsian contingent of UK voters are enough to sever the British Empire from the continent.  Vote is in, UK is seceding from the European Union they fervently sought union with, but that Charles De Gaulle denied them from joining several times until he ran out of time on this earth.

So UK will not enjoy a tariff-free market in 27 other markets across the channel.  France, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia etc.

Click on Cartoon Illustration of why the EU in the first place and why tensions with the EU in the final resting place.

Like you, I wish I would get to the point about how this catastrophe will lead to the Jaguar and Rolls-Royce looking more like the Ford Fusion.

One final fact to consider.  Iconic British marques are not owned by British companies.

  • Mini & Rolls-Royce = BMW
  • Jaguar & Land Rover = Tata Motors
  • Bentley = VW Group
  • Lotus = Malaysian company

IMPLICATIONS: How will Brexit impact the design and look of the knighted British marques?  With free trade throttled, chauvinistic assumptions will dominate.  So designs for say, the Bentley, will be more readily bastardized to please EU countries, and less properly drawn from its British heritage.

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