2017-Camaro-50th Anniversary Lighted Clock

How are you planning to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Camaro?  A couple of drafts at the local watering hole?  Hell no! Buy a lighted *Camaro 50* clock for your den, office or your garage.

Best maker of retro and vintage clocks has one to dominate your walls…

Click on 50th Anniversary Camaro Garage Clock for details.  Read about the high quality components, including quartz movement, that it’s made in the USA, and how cool the backlight is from efficient fluorescent light.

Here are TOP 9 reasons given by current owners on forums for loving their Camaro

  • The respect. I love the way everyone gets out of your way as you come up behind them on the freeway and if they don’t, you have the raw power to blow them away as you pass them.
  • The Kickback in the seat as your foot hits the bottom of the pedal.
  • Bats hanging from my rear view mirror.
  • Chevrolet’s big sexy stamp on the “new renaissance” of the muscle car era.
  • It’s made me feel like a kid again. 18 forever (63)
  • After a crap day at work puts a big stupid grin on my face.
  • Chicks dig it.
  • While driving, it produces a feeling often experienced during sex….
  • Blasting Van Halen, hitting the pedal and thinking..”Life is good!”
  • My son who passed away a few years ago rides with me.