You won’t be able to rip your eyes off it!  Top modeler has recreated the Bugatti 57S Atlantic in 1:43 scale.

Fits on your desktop, but fills your universe…

1936 Bugatti T57S Atlantic Coupe Model by Ilario


Bugatti 57S Atlantic 1936 in 1955 configuration – precision 1:43 scale by Ilario

Having been a superlative modeler for decades, until now French modeler Ilario did not replicate the Bugatti 57S Atlantic.  Why?  He didn’t love Jean Bugatti’s crowning achievement like every other breathing sole in the car world does?  He lacked for confidence that he could pull off such a masterpiece?

I don’t know… when I see him I’ll ask him.

But there are two things you want to know.  ^FIRST^ is that Ilario has issued a precision resin-cast replica of the Bugatti 57S Atlantic in 1:43 scale.  Four were made of this car, 3 are left… Ilario modeled one of the three left.  Probably the most interesting one.  And it’s in its 1955 configuration.  Which makes a difference, because this Bugatti (sn57473) has had an interesting drive, I’m telling you.

The following is a summary about this Bugatti 57S  excerpted from the Paul Russell & Company.

This is the third of four Atlantic coupes built by Jean Bugatti.  This one is famously known for having been hit by a train at a railroad crossing in the French countryside in 1955.  It is uniquely different from the other Bugatti Atlantics as it was restyled soon after it was built by renowned coach-builder Joseph Figoni.  Figoni had his own singular ideas about flowing surfaces and shape.

The first owners beheld their car as black with a light beige pigskin interior.  After changing hands and color several times, the car was purchased in 1952 by a boutique owner René Chatard.  Driving with a mistress in France,  the two were killed by a train in 1955.  The Ilario model is of the car right before the tragic crash.

The car remains were recovered in 1965 and lead to a succession of owners who threw themselves into its restoration.  The current owner [2006] commissioned a restoration to the car’s Figoni & Falaschi configuration…. as the car existed before the accident.  And as Ilario chose for his subject.

He presents a model of a car that broke all the rules.  Some say it’s the first supercar ever made.  Low stance, monster engine, heavily raked windscreen, teardrop body and kidney-shaped doors.  And rivets… lots of rivets.  Why?  Because Jean Bugatti was beguiled by a concept car of the era that used the highly flammable magnesium alloy, Electron.  Which could not be welded, it had to be riveted.  So the Atlantic is punctuated by rivets … brilliantly.

98… 99… 100 This model is a limited edition of only 100. Assembled model is presented on a wood / leather base with a photo-etched presentation plate and bell showcase. Comes in a sturdy collector cardboard box.  Fully assembled and painted by hand by fastidious Frenchmen.

Here is a video Motor Trend put together on the 57S Atlantic.  Come back to learn of the Second thing you want to know…

The ^SECOND^ thing you want to know is that Ilario has issued his third Mercedes-Benz 500K Tourenwagen.

Mercedes-Benz Tourenwagen by Ilario

The subject of this latest piece of 1:43 heaven has distinctive front wings, bumpers and horns; additional headlights appear on each side of the windshield.  The rear sports a trunk.  And the color may feel just right for you… light beige, darker beige and a brown soft top.  Click on Mercedes-Benz 500K Tourenwagen.  Only 100 will be made of these too.