Car Guy Websites Lost in Google

This is a guide to online resources car guys want to know about but probably don’t.  Based on input from colleagues, we compiled and verified the list during December 2016.  Here are some treasures you might not find until page 14 on Google.

Consider these the “barn finds” of car enthusiast websites.


Regional Calendars & Directories: from hardworking enthusiasts who really beat the bushes

Northeast Events: Northeast Wheels Events

Southeast Events: Southeast Wheels Events

California Events: California Car Shows

Across the US: if you don’t live in one of the above regions…

Hemmings Calendar: easy to select your state & type of show


Wikipedia Auto Shows by Continent: traveling or living outside US?


Classic & Collectible Cars: AACA Library

Books, sales literature, company documents, owner’s booklet, periodicals, service manuals and more

All Cars:

Concept CarzVehicle info, history, and specifications from concept to production; amazingly comprehensive; been around forever

The Revs InstituteHistory of the automobile, including archival photography & documents accessible online (can also visit in Naples, FL)

Free Library’s Automobile Reference Collection: Technical manuals, sales literature, photography, books and periodicals; up-to-date repair information for domestic and imported cars, plus current value of automobiles, no matter how old (can also visit in Philadelphia)

Motorsports: Motor Sport archive

View every single page ever printed in Motorsport magazine. 250,000 pages by last count, since 1924

Peter Bourassa MMROur friend Peter Bourassa founded and runs the ultimate resource directory for fans of Motorsports.  Recommendations from serious collectors and enthusiasts nationwide can be harvested from his: MMR Directory


Classic Cars:  Antique Automobile Club of America Forum

Motorsports: Motorsport Forums

Classic Nation: current directory of car forums by specific interest


Forums: you can find as much knowledge and passion about legendary cars as anywhere

1:43 scale:  Diecast Zone or Scale

1:18 scale: Scale 18

Catalog of Issues:

Diecast Society

Diecast Zone: exhaustive in diecast 1:24


Best Auctions Directories: everyone knows the majors like Barrett Jackson, RM Sotheby’s and Gooding… here you can find some that might be just down the road

Car Auctions Directory

Classic & Sports Car Auctions Directory

Bid Online:

Proxibid: Antique/Classic/Vintage Cars – get your bid in before live auction

Best Auction Coverage:

Sports Car Market [premium content]

Concept Carz [free]

Collectible Car Appraisal: How much is your collectible car worth?     

Hagerty Valuation Tool:  “gold standard” of appraisals produced by leading collector car    insurer.


National Association of Automobile Museums – find all the car museums close to you

Jalopnik Best Museums in the World

Autoweek Greatest Automobile Museums in America 

Pam Hirschhorn of Wheels Events Pam Hirschhorn of Wheels Events urges you to visit  Old Car City; at 34 acres it’s largest classic car junkyard in the world amidst the flourishing flora of northern Georgia.


Will Andre You Tube TVMedia expert and entrepreneur Will Andre says he stays away from the reality show shills and goes for real production talent and some wit!

Petrolicious“I had the idea of a site dedicated to the celebration of the culture and lifestyle that comes with owning a classic car. It had to be something beautiful. It had to be the opposite of reality TV.” – founder quote

Chris Harris on Cars“Chris is able to convey how it feels to drive the car he’s testing. He’s very animated, I almost feel like I’m sitting in the car next to him when I watch his videos.”  – from forum post

Tax the Rich: Imagine a collection of exotic cars and a rural location where they can safely hoon them around. Creators take to heart that even supercars are meant to be driven.

The Smoking Tire:  “Matt Farah and friends are 100% unafraid to say what they think. “Factual info is coupled with an off the wall story or a hilarious anecdote that leaves the viewer with very little dead air.” – comment on blog post

XCAR:  Big production values: sweeping music, extreme close-ups, and floating stats. They chronicle back stories of cars – how they came to be, plus offer      thematic playlists.

Superspeeders Rob:  Since 2003, captures the world of exotic car street racing and the misadventures that come with the  lifestyle.


Jalopnik says: “Most diverse and best produced automotive channel on YouTube.” Includes exclusive interviews with big deal professional drivers.

Cars Yeah!:  [Podcast]  Get huge insight into the biggest luminaries of the car culture by comparing their answers to a standard set of questions gregarious host Mark Greene poses.

If you know of better resources than we list, tell us via email by clicking on Hey Wait There’s More!