Imagine a film with Carroll Shelby talking in 1965 about where he is in realizing his ambitions. It’s a year in which he is putting together the GT350 Mustang, capitalizing on the international success of the Cobra Daytona Coupe,  and helping the Deuce (Henry II) test and refine the GT40. The GT40 is only a year away from beginning its four years dominion of Le Mans.

Imagine that film – a 16 minute promo underwritten by Ford – being itself a moment in automotive history.

On May 10, just around the corner, it will be 3 years since Shelby passed. Thanks to the Silodrome blog for bringing this film to our attention.

This film has got a little of everything in it, in addition to being made at probably the very apex of Shelby’s career. He had accomplished so much, and was about to accomplish so much more.

He gives a brief overview of how he got to this point, including how he made the Cobra “materialize”. He tells you what Shelby American is working on at that moment (GT350, GT and Cobra coupe). Using Ken Miles and Dan Gurney to provide examples, he asks Pete Brock to show us how to take corners correctly.

This film puts you on the cusp of American racing history!