Chris Evans is hitting the highway.  He tweeted that one series of the revamped Top Gear which he had hosted is enough for him.

Honestly, it never felt right to us…


Ostensibly the reason for Mr. Chris to step aside is the precipitous plummet in viewership from a height of 5.8 million viewers worldwide with the three musketeers to a tub-rattling 1.9 million.

It always seemed the Top Gear show was as much about the camaraderie and prankster attitude among Jeremy, Mays and Hammond as it was about cars.   The current line-up seemed zipped up more than unleashed.  LeBlanc and Mr. Chris seemed more cordial than sharing a joke.

There was more physics than chemistry.


Former Motoring Editor at the Telegraph, Erin Baker asks a good question…

I wondered, above all else, why they had stuck so rigidly to a format that belonged to Clarkson’s team? The build-up in the studio to the Stig’s lap, the one that begins, “Some say he…” was just awful. It was a weak enough schtick when Clarkson/May/Hammond told it, but the new series kicks off, with everywhere to go, and runs into the same tired old tropes as the previous programme, which was already on its knees, as Andy Wilman, the show’s producer, had willingly said on many occasions.

Is there a relationship between a partial unraveling of the BBC version of Top Gear and Brexit?  Of course there is.  Secession is secession however you cut it.  Please provide your point of view on our Facebook Page.

BBC News reports the remaining five presenters – Matt LeBlanc, Rory Reid, Chris Harris, Sabine Schmitz and Eddie Jordan – will return for the next series, due to begin filming in September.

BONUS REPORT:  Below is a video of Clarkson, Hammond and May as they first watched the debut of the “new” Top Gear.