It used to be your car had to be from 1925 until 1948 to even be considered for “Full Classic” status in the august Classic Car Club of America. The CCCA will now recognize a select group of cars dating back as far as 1915.

Some marques of longstanding Classics status – Packard, Cadillac, Pierce-Arrow, Locomobile and Rolls-Royce among them – will now have their years of acceptance extended back to 1915.

A significant change will be the acceptance of marques that did not make it past 1925. These include the Daniels, Lafayette and Winton. All were high-end luxury automobiles that ceased production in 1924. Other likely candidates to now be formally reviewed include the 1916-24 Mercer, 1922-24 Richelieu and 1917-24 Templar.

This will be only the 3rd time in 60 years that the classification committee has expanded the age brackets from the original specifications

Click on Classic Car Club of America to learn more about their standards for recognizing classics. According to their site, the original criteria focused on cars built “for titans of industry, politicians, nobles and other upper-crust types.”

That’s a Winton in the image.