At Kentucky Speedway last night, Dale Earnhardt Jr. tapped the rear of Danica Patrick.  He had lost his brakes.  The bigger story is that Danica, disbelieving her pit crew’s explanation that Earhardt lost his brakes, tapped him back as  he entered the pits.  And then she lost it!

“Go f*** yourself, I mean, really?”


It’s not like Dale Earnhardt Jr. meant to run into the back of Danica Patrick with 61 laps to go — he had been having brake trouble all night and couldn’t slow down — but that was the result.

And despite the lack of intent, Patrick was furious at Earnhardt after the incident. She cursed at him on the team radio and ran into the back of him as both cars came to pit road. After the race, she scowled and walked away briskly without comment, pausing only briefly to receive some advice from team owner Tony Stewart.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. offered this…

“I probably shouldn’t have been racing as hard as I was when we run into the back of Danica. But I went into the corner, mashed the brakes to the floor, pumped it three times and then ran into her. Wasn’t nothing I can do.  It sucks. I don’t like running into Danica because it gets a little bit too much attention. But I’m sorry for that.”

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