Yes, we know Jeremy Clarkson was sacked from the BBC’s Top Gear show. But we’re predicting he will return to the show, maybe in time for the new season. We have our reasons…


Latest rumor about who will take up the reins of Top Gear comes from the British newspaper, the Independent. They have heard the Beeb is going with a succession of hosts. Like Saturday Night Live or the BBC’s “Have I Got News For You?” In the latter case, that show went to serialized hosts when one of its previously ensconced hosts got the heave ho for prostitution and drugs.

We’re not buying it.

Even right now Jeremy Clarkson – with James May and Richard Hammond – are in the middle of a Live tour called Clarkson, Hammond & May Live. Different from the Top Gear Live shows (which do bear the BBC imprimatur.)


How can a face-saving rapprochement be achieved? The BBC start the show back up hosted by May and Hammond and have Jezza (Clarkson) on every week as a guest star. Maybe he first appears encased as Stig?

And then he just never leaves the show.  Remember that May and Hammond have each already been offered over a £ million to come back to the show.

If this all turns out not to be true, remember… you didn’t hear it from us.