Rolls-Royce has officially unveiled a brand new model: the Dawn. Don’t yawn at the Dawn because it’s just another real expensive luxury car you can’t afford.

This is a really fab luxury car worthy of your dreams…

On a beautiful day do you really need a roof?


No retractable hard top for this baby.  Hard top is high tech, but not luxurious enough.  That’s a fabric top – a silent retractable six-layer canvas top that disappears under an open-pore wood deck behind the rear seats.  Takes 20 seconds.

Rolls-Royce says itself, “the only choice for a Rolls-Royce was a fabric roof for reasons of aesthetics, romance and brand appropriateness. There is nothing more romantic than driving a convertible in the rain at night and hearing the drops pattering on the roof.”

On how RR has improved on the typical convertible, Wired Magazine is more helpful than the effusive, overblown language Rolls-Royce slathers on its announcements.  1) NOISY: lesser ragtop convertibles are noisy with the top up.  RR says the Dawn has risen beyond that. They have perfected a smooth roof due in part to the “French seam” keeping all the stitching on the roof’s interior.

2) CRAMPED: Backseat space is usually sacrificed to create room in the boot for the folded top.  The Dawn has overcome this, offering the same “pitch” (leg room) as the Wraith: 37 inches.  So they chopped a few cubic feet of trunk, and “engaged  in a little creative origami engineering the folding mechanism.” [from Wired]



This could be you near your seaside estate.  Is that the estate in the background?

Reasonably enough, the Dawn shares many of the *meant to astound* swanky features of its Ghost and Wraith siblings.  Still RR says the exterior has been overhauled with nearly 80 per cent of its panels new.  They also share a powerplant…

To give the behemoth 5,644-pound rear-wheel-drive design vim and vigor, there is a twin-turbocharged 6.6-liter V12 to put out 563 horsepower and 575 pound-feet of torque.  That’s good for 0 to 60 mph in under five seconds.  So you can sprint past your majestic entry gates.  Hopefully the gates open in less than five seconds.

All that oomph flows through a satellite aided transmission, which uses GPS to spot terrain changes like hills and chooses which of its eight gears is best suited to the job at hand.

Don’t overlook the *suicide doors*, which are featured on the Wraith and the backseat doors on the Ghost.  Rolls-Royce has another name for them, but I can’t find it.

The formal debut will be at the upcoming Frankfurt show.  According to RR’s Director of Design Giles Taylor, you’ll know if this car is for you – assuming you have about $300K to drop – “if you relish both freedom and sophistication.”   Well, who doesn’t!

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