Everyone has a constant interior monologue going on in their head. It’s the voice that is figuring things out, making choices, giving you feelings.

We were able to *tap into* Nico Rosberg’s interior monologue as he muses about his chances in the upcoming Belgian Grand Prix this Sunday. Want to hear it?


Through the use of a high-priced soothsayer and massage therapist, Automotive-Art was able to “overhear” Nico Rosberg thinking and worrying about the Belgian Grand Prix just a few days away. He happened to be standing in line in a checkout lane at a local Belgian grocery store, Carrefour.

What follows were his thoughts (as far as we know)

“Why don’t they open another lane, this line is taking forever. It’s like waiting to get around Pastor Maldonado. Maybe I should try to cut-in just ahead of that big lady…

They should have a DRS zone for grocery stores.

I sure am screwed if I lose to Lewis Sunday. I know he is still pissed off about last year at the Spa. When I clipped him on Lap 2 and he had to retire. Hey, he could have made a little room!! Even after that collision, I still finished second. Not too shabby.

And the year before I looked fabulous on this circuit. Just look at F1Fanatic’s lap charts for that race! I was Rocky Balboa.

Better not forget that Raikkonen has won four times here. Plus Kimi might be amped up having just signed that new deal with Ferrari. And Vettel has shown that there ain’t NOTHING wrong with the Ferrari. Just look at the last race in Hungary!

This course – I can see the Spa-Francorchamps in my dreams – has got the TOUGHEST CURVES. Like the Eau Rouge which I’ll have to face, like, 44 times. On the other hand it’s got one of the longest open throttle sections in all of Formula 1. That will give my Mercedes F1 W06 Hybrid some giddy-up room.

Oh, look at that rack of newspapers, what’s that headline say, “expecting rain on Sunday”? Let it rain, let it rain.  Hmmm… looking very, very good for me.

Legendary Car Guy is predicting Nico Rosberg to win, but reserves the right to change his opinion if an updated interior monologue is channeled to us.

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Click on Monologue Update to get Nico’s latest thoughts, especially after the dramatic rear wheel blow-up today!  His confidence is a little shaken.