Dear Kumar,

Congratulations on being appointed head of Lincoln this past September. It’s great that a vet product development engineer has ascended the top post!

You now have had 5 months to turn around Lincoln’s stagnating designs.

To inspire your team to regain its sense of design adventure, Automotive-Art takes a moment to recall the Lincoln concept from 1955:

The Indianapolis by Carrozzeria Boano Torino

After WWII, the major marques were scrambling for new styling and design. Chrysler and Packard aligned with coachbuilders Ghia and Bertone.  One of Henry Ford II’s first moves was to see what coachbuilder Felice Mario Boano could create from a Lincoln chassis.

Click on 55 Lincoln to see remarkable result.

This was a smashing success at the Turin Show that year. Flamboyant, bold, graceful and abundantly detailed. See if your team can’t derive some creative sustenance from this car.