Rodolfo Mailander was a young Italian-German freelance photographer who took 40,000 photographs “at the most important racing contests in Western Europe“. He did it all within the span of five years. He was chronicling the post-war rebirth in racing for Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz.

Ahem, Ahem!! Great news is that these images are now entirely accessible on-line. That’s thanks to the Revs Digital Library at Stanford.

Sterling Moss

DESTINY AWAITS ME: Stirling Moss in 1952 Monza Grand Prix.

Mailander had a thing for endurance races and rallies of the early 50s like Le Mans. So while burying ourselves in the goldmine of photos, a vivid picture of what the Le Mans, Mille Miglia and Monte Carlos rallies were like during the period emerges.


CRASH: Stirling Moss and Robert Manzon, Robert at 1952 Monaco Gran Prix

Ascari Rome

HERE I COME! Alberto Ascari, 1952 Turin

He shot every and anything to do with cars (he also did autoshows). But while his subjects were cars and sports car racing, you can just feel the gleam in this burgeoning new post-war world.

Click on Rodolfo Mailander Pix to feast your eyes.  Link takes you right to section of Mailander’s work.  Use the search engine to find a subject of greatest interest to you.

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