Zipping over a ridge, straddling uneven stream banks, scaling a sharp boulder, rip diagonally down into a steep ditch… no matter how rough the terrain plays tough, it can traverse it.

You’ll feel like one of the 1971 Lunar Roving astronauts on your very own planet.

Ladies & gentlemen, we introduce to you the Swincar Spider


The Swincar is a lightweight electric ATV made to conquer crazy terrain without resorting to brute force. It works like a bizarre spider with four separate limbs, independent suspension, and four hub-mounted electric motors. Each wheel pivots on a dedicated crossbeam.

Just watching it zip up and down the most treacherous trenches and swerve around uneven bends is fun. No angle seems too extreme.



The French inventors call the technology “pendulum tilt curve.” “HUH?!” We’re glad you asked…

Each wheel uses its own electric motor and is suspended to a spider-like limb that attaches to the Spider’s body. The resulting design lets the vehicle lean into fast turns like a motorcycle, can go up or down a 70-percent gradient and ride diagonally through ditches. No tipping over.

Digital Trends website gives a great explanation…

“It is a car suspended under the suspension system and the lower end where the driver sits is actually tilting from side to side thus creating a pendulum effect which can massively help with off-road traction and with the steering. Basically, this thing looks like a spider – ATV spider and the driver inside that strange tub is a pendulum effectively involved with the weight distribution of the vehicle.”

So the vehicle has four wheel drive and the batteries are located under the driver’s feet, to add to the pendulum. The absolutely independent axis of front and rear axle and four wheel steering allows the pendulum to travel in all directions, without bucking or buffeting the driver out like a bronco.  Extra engineering: the wheels can incline when turning thus providing better traction and keeping the rig steady on the road and on the track.

All this without sounding like an out of control jet ski!

You can make arrangements to acquire by clicking on SWINCAR.  At this point, it may require a small investment in the company to get on the waiting list.