You can search and view 90 years of motorsport history. Who would or could do this for you and for free? Why, Motor Sport magazine published in the UK.

This means online access to over 200,000 articles and counting!

Motor Sport Magazine has put their entire archive of articles and pix online and searchable. All you need is an internet connection and good spelling.

The archive consists of every article ever published in Motor Sport magazine, from July 1924 to present day. That’s every article in 1,000 magazines. The articles report and critique and photograph the most brilliant moments in racing history.  And this is before Instagram.

The magazine has had a pretty colorful history too! During WWII, its famous editor WB conducted a road test while an aerial dog-fight raged in the sky above him!

Every page has been scanned and digitized, each article tagged and extracted, so you can search the whole archive by content, keyword, topic, location, and date.

The database allows you to compare every Formula 1 driver against their contemporaries or for that matter, their forebears and today’s competitors.  You can easily compare how they fared on each circuit; who fared best in which years and more. This works for any F1 driver (from 1950 to present), so you can compare Senna’s career stats and decide if he was definitely better than Prost? Or which one was the king of Monaco?

Click on Motor Sport Archive.

There is also an app you can download from either Apple or Android.

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