Part of the glorious Goodwood Festival of Speed is creation of the *Goodwood Greats* – the legendary cars invited to Goodwood exquisitely photographed by top commercial shooter Antony Fraser. You have access to these pix!

Think wallpaper for your computer screen…


Beast of Turin, the Fiat S76.  After 100 years of slumber, the Beast of Turin was resurrected in time for Goodwood 2015, where it won *Car of the Event* after making several hill climbs.

Click on GOODWOOD GREATS to see the automotive portraiture from the 2015 Festival of Speed.  Be sure to click on the central shot to be treated to a spectrum of other perspectives.

Antony Fraser shoots in a temporary studio set up in a tent next to the Goodwood paddocks. So the historic cars are brought to the tent for their “star shot”.

Besides the fabled Beast of Turin (Fiat S76), check out a Ferrari 312T, Alfa Romeo P3 Tip B and dozens of other mind-boggling  classics worthy of getting pedestal treatment.

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Ferrari 312T piloted by Clay Regazzoni

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Alfa Romeo P3 Tipo B – first genuine single seater racing car, powered by supercharged eight-cylinder 

For you, what an opportunity to grab some privileged car wallpaper for your computer!