Oil changes are destined to become as easy as making windshield wiper replacements. Castrol has announced Nexcel as a plug ‘n play solution to fresh oil.

It should arrive just in time for the tidal wave of electric cars (that don’t need oil)…


Despite the proliferation of quickie oil change service chains, oil changes are still a hassle. At least for those of us who can resist crawling under their car themselves.

Castrol has a good idea… probably an excellent idea if it had been introduced 10 years ago.  They have introduced a new tech called the Nexcel that packages the oil and filter into a single, easily removable container.  So no tediously and messily draining the oil, you switch out the unit.  It requires just 90 seconds and can be done in the comfort of your bathrobe.

The process looks like you’re plopping in a battery.



As part of the service, Castrol will retrieve the used containers and recycle the fluids inside into other lubricants.

Castrol reports that the Nexcel has been tested to perform at up to 1.8G and flow almost 160 gallons of oil a minute.  Enough to be already incorporated into the demanding track-only Aston Martin Vulcan.

In addition to the no muss – no fuss advantages, Castrol can create specific oil blends to match specific engines.  It’s going to be called Precision Lubrication.  Still unknown is whether car owners will want to be locked into one brand of oil.

Castrol expects broad roll-out in five years, which is about the time demand for oil changes are going to be in decline.  There are the expected popularity of electric cars, which will require no oil.  And even for internal combustion engines,  the recommended interval for oil changes has been extended to almost one year of average driving.  No telling what technology will offer in 5 years!

Nexcel is a good idea long overdue.  And if we still need oil changes in 2021, will be considered inevitable.