Young couple with a baby in a stroller are barely missed by impatient monarch driving her Jaguar.  Turns out it was the 89 year old Queen of England.

No, we can’t make this stuff up…

Look at the alarming pix below.  An elderly woman driving a Jaguar X-Type impatiently swerved off the road to the grass to get around a shocked young couple walking their baby in a stroller.  They were shocked by the near miss and then recognition of the celebrity encounter.


It was the Queen herself!



QE II is the only Briton allowed to drive without a license.  Turns out she is the only human (besides park rangers) allowed to drive on this stretch of road in Windsor Great Park, west of London.

When the shocked couple pointed at the regal driver, she gave them the queen’s wave and the queen’s forbearing smile  as she motored past.

The UK’s Mirror that has reported the story advises that the couple, Miss Vincent, 23, a housewife and Mr. Core, 30, a company director, could only laugh.  Laughed nervously or mirthfully was not reported.