Mel Gibson is probably glad he sat out this Mad Max flick.  Not because he realized “who wants to see a 60 year old guy veering out of control around an apocalyptic phalanx of trucks?”  Hell, we can see that on I-5 around LA any day of the week.  This movie was not great.  So why did *Fury Road* get so many Oscars?  Why was it even nominated?

I already had forgotten about it.

I was forced to watch the Academy Awards Sunday night because I have a wife.  Maybe you have one too?

I was really surprised to learn that this latest Mad Max movie had been nominated for ten Oscars and won six.  Get this!  The flick was even nominated for (but did not win) Best Picture and Best Director.

These accolades are for a movie you got everything you needed from in the promotional still, see above.  All you have to do is study that still photo and you get the narrative and the thrills.  The storyline of course has not changed since the first two Mad Max movies.  To wit, ghoulish characters on monstrous vehicles with diabolical armament equal to any fervid 10 year old male’s imagination.

The movie does introduce a clique of women who survive somehow in the middle of sand dunes of nowhere.  Turns out they don’t get any better dialogue than the men or ghouls.

Legendary Car Guy is a big fan of Mad Max movies, but next time out, he advises, the producers need to introduce a really interesting twist.  How about Mad Max suddenly rules the forlorn world – maybe befriending Kevin Costner on a man-made ocean.