Thanks to Stumbleupon, we stumbled upon an amazingly clear infographic of how the internal combustion engine works. What’s so great about this animated diagram is even though you already know how it all works, when you see it graphically illustrated, clarity invades your brain.  In a good way…


When you see the engine illustrated so clearly, you have the thought “who in the *sam hill* could have come up with such a brilliant invention?” Like the rest of scientific advancement, it was a succession of genius persons. Guys that actually read books and networked before there was facebook and Tweeter.

Click on Revelation of Engine.

Up until the current generation of supercars, if you opened the hood of most any car, you could trace the actual metaphysical process in the real – hard metal and rubber – world. Now the more $$$ you spend, the more the manufacturer wants to mask the ugly working parts beneath a titanium sheath. It’s like staring at a giant battery.

The author of this illumination is Jacob O’Neal.  He does a lot of this kind of illuminating.  He will show you how to do the Michael Jackson MOONWALK.  Click here.

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