Ferrari user

Imagine how you would feel right now if you won the 1962 Ferrari 400 Superamerica Cabriolet at the Andrews Collection auction Saturday night. Only 47 Ferrari 400 Superamerica were made and only 7 of those were bodied by Pininfarina like this one. At auction was the final short-wheelbase Superamerica made: convertible with removable hard top and covered headlights.

I wonder who owes the Andrews father & son (and RM Auctions) $7,645,000 for this Ferrari.

This Superamerica has V-12 power to go with its beauty and grace. It needed that power! Being the most expensive Ferrari ever built didn’t keep it from being raced the dickens out of at Bonneville by its first owner R.J. Stallings. After Stallings gave it up, it enjoyed a more refined life cherished and restored by successive collectors.  On the RM Auctions site, you can read the full story.

So you can better imagine having won this Ferrari, here is the interior…

ac15-r120-004-1 Ferrari

The Ferrari wasn’t the only showstopper. (It wasn’t even the only Superamerica at auction!) Winning bids for 16 cars in the Andrews collection exceeded a million bucks each. Other stellar performers included:

  • 1934 Packard Twelve Individual Custom Stationary Coupe ($4,180,000)
  • 1935 Duesenberg Model SJ Town Car ($3,630,000)
  • 1931 Duesenberg Model J ‘Disappearing Top’ Convertible Coupe ($3,520,000)
  • 1963 Ferrari 400 Superamerica LWB Coupe Aerodinamico ($2,860,000)
  • 1934 Packard Twelve Sport Coupe ($2,200,000)
  • 1962 Shelby 289 Competition Cobra ($1,980,000)

… and the 1962 Corvette that Dick Thompson drove for a fifth year of multiple SCCA championships. ($1.65 million)

Corvette hero

The auction in Fort Worth set a record for the richest single-vendor automobile collection sale at $53.9 million.  See entire results which demonstrate rising value placed in American Classics.