First, you should know that the trio formerly known as *Top Gear* – originally jettisoned by the BBC, but more recently reacquired by Amazon – has finally settled on a new name.

Before announcing that name, you need to know something about the show itself to see how one would come up with such a limp name.

As we divulge an important premise of the show, rest assured we will put its name in boldface so you don’t overlook it!

Jeremy Clarkson Richard Hammond and James May have name for their show: The Grand Tour

Important Fact to understand the name: The show format will see the studio portion of each episode screened from a new location somewhere in the world — from inside “a giant tent”, rather than a studio.  Plus the format includes “short films shot in different locations around the globe”.

So of course the new name is The Grand Tour.

You’re right… it does sound like a travelogue of Turkey made before the Internet was born. Or more hopefully, a really funny Monty Python sketch.

But the name of the show is THE GRAND TOUR.

Vice President of Amazon Video Europe Jay Marine confided in “Variety” that the name reflects the worldwide nature of the show:

“Well, that took a while… After nine months of deep thought, … blah, blah, blah.”

Since this august site [i.e. the one you’re reading] will be giving up the name “Automotive-Art” after this coming weekend [like May 15 or 16th], in favor of, we give Amazon leave to use our discarded name instead.   Call us.

What’s going on with the “official  BBC” Top Gear show?! you ask.  The BBC Top Gear fronted by Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc, will debut on 29 May, 2016.  Secondly, they released an encouraging trailer that includes car racing jet, drifting around mountain crevices and hoonage in general.  Plus a host vomiting out of an Audi R8.  Please see below.

We think both shows look to be excellent, bad naming and vomiting notwithstanding and there are only so many mischievous things you can do with a car.