ANSWER: 42 minutes. So, imagine you were standing before a hole, a very deep hole, that penetrated through the earth to the other side. Suppose you dove into that hole. You would arrive on the other side of the earth in 42 minutes.

But unless he or she grabs something to hold on, they will fall back for a return journey and continue to oscillate with a round-trip time of 84.5 minutes. Click on Fall Through the Earth to see the mind-boggling equation used to figure that out.

To make this trip, you would travel about 7,918 miles (12,742 kilometers). To get there within 42 minuts, that sets your speed well above 8,000 mph.

This calculation does not take into account your bursting into flames as you pass through the earth’s core. Of course, you would be wearing a NASCAR racing suit!

Being in Los Angeles, where would we come out? Where is the other side? It turns out we would be wading in the midst of the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar, a giant island just northeast of South Africa.

If you want to find out where you would emerge from a hole through the center of the earth, click on Antipodr.

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