You’re looking at the 1972 Maserati Boomerang.  It just sold for US$ 3.7 million at Bonham’s Chantilly Auction in France.

It still looks like the future to us, 40 years later…

The wedge-shaped supercars of the 70s were defined by origami-like angles, and razor-sharp contours.  One thinks of the Lamborghini Countach, the Lotus Esprit or the BMW M1.  But none were as adventurous as the one that preceded them all.





The Boomerang was styled by Georgetto Giugiaro, who designed masterpieces for Alfa Romeo (Giulia), Aston Martin (DB4 GT Bertone ‘Jet’), Ferrari (250 GT SWB Bertone), as well as other Maserati (Ghibli, among others).  He designed the DeLorean and the Volkswagen Golf.

Designed as a concept car, the Boomerang was showcased at the 1972 Geneva auto show as a  running, driving, street-legal car sporting a 310-hp 4.7-liter V-8 out of the Maserati Bora. The Boomerang could reach 180 mph, but Bonham quotes one journalist’s comments, it looked like it was doing 100 mph standing still.

The interior looks like the command deck of a starship.  The steering wheel rotates around a stationary binnacle from which the instruments radiate in a circle.



Apparently not recognizing its iconic status, Maserati surprisingly sold the car after a triumphant tour of the European car shows in 1972.  The Boomerang has changed hands three times, each owner a collector of highest repute who compromised nothing to keep the car original.  As it was in 1972, it is still road legal throughout Europe.

Who knows but if you visit France, where the car is currently registered, you’ll actually see it barreling down a highway.   See who is driving it!