Alexander Rossi (who?!?) outlasted a field of 33 drivers, in undoubtedly faster cars, to earn the right to drench himself in milk.  It was a huge good luck win for the often bad luck plagued Andretti family.

Rossi’s trick?  Who needs fuel!

Alexander Rossi is a 24- year-old Californian who has wanted to race since he was 10.  Here is why he could not possibly win. He is American (only 6 have since 1996).  He is  a rookie, the first since Helio Castroneves to win (2001).  He is a relief driver for Manor Racing in F1.  Manor Racing not exactly a major force.

Rossi won because he stretched his final tank of gas 90 miles to cycle into the lead as others ducked into the pits for a final top-off of fuel.  Of course he had to work magic with his clutch and practice deep breathing to cross the finish line… immediately after which he ran out of fuel.  He and his car had to be towed to the grandstand.

The Andretti family certainly had enough skin in the game.  Marco Andretti never contended and the two others, Hunter-Reay and Townsend Bell got into a chain reaction crash leaving the pits.

Speaking of which did you know diminutive Lady Gaga was taller than Mario Andretti?

Lady Gaga and Mario Andretti at Indy 500

Singer Lady Gaga takes a pix with former IndyCar driver and luminary Mario Andretti prior to the start of the 100th Indianapolis 500. (Photo: Chris Bergin/For IndyStar)

Crossing the finish line with fumes is exciting.  To get an idea of how exciting, here is a thread of Tweets from Jalopnik


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