French modeler Ilario has completed all three versions of the most storied of the four Bugatti 57S Atlantic ever built.  Each model represents a chapter in the narrative arc of this car.

From the years before a horrific train crash, during its complex resurrection, and then its triumphant restoration to 1936 splendor.

Only four Bugatti 57S Atlantic coupes were made, based on Jean Bugatti’s design.  The Type 57S is instantly recognizable for its flowing coupe lines with a pronounced dorsal seam running front to back.

Serial number 57473 is the third Atlantic factory delivered in December 1936 to former Olympic fencer Jacques Holzschuch in its black livery.  In 1939, the bodywork was modified by Figoni et Falaschi.  Ilario has just released the model of the car in its original color, to which it was restored after 1977 by Bugatti collector Nicholas Seydoux.  Click on *Seydoux Restoration*.

Bugatti 57S Atlantic by Ilario

The Bugatti restored to black by Parisian Andre Lecoq when sold to Seydoux.

In 1952, the Bugatti was acquired by Bugatti aficionado and flashy Parisian boutique owner Rene Chatard.  Three years later Chatard and one of his mistresses were instantly killed when a train crashed into the Atlantic at an unguarded crossing.  At the moment it was struck by the train, its color had been painted an enticing blue. To see Ilario’s model of the car at this imminent moment, click on *Blue Oblivion*.


The Bugatti as it bore Rene Chatard and mistress toward the fateful train crossing in rural France.

But the car was saved from oblivion by an ardent young Bugatti devotee, Paul-Andre Berson.  After the nearly totaled car was stored in a warehouse for a decade, Berson purchased it in 1965 from a scrap dealer and undertook a 9 year restoration.  He used as much as he could of the damaged chassis, the original bonnet and many other of the original body panels from the less damaged right hand side of the car. A number of body parts that Berson had found too difficult to repair remained unused.

During this time, the car’s changed to a rich burgundy, and Ilario has modeled that chapter of the car as well.  Click on *Berson Restoration.*

ilario-1936-bugatti-57S Atlantic

The Bugatti at the end of Berson’s noble resurrection of the totalled car from parts.

Edition sizes range from 50 to 100 for each model.  The model is presented on a wood / leather base with a photo-etched presentation plate and bell showcase. Comes in a sturdy collector cardboard box.  Fully assembled and painted by hand by craftsmen.

Click on Ilario on to see what we offer of this Frenchman’s brilliant resin-cast modeling.