This Indy 500 has a lot that’s new. New giant video boards around the 2.5 mile oval. The cars are decked with new speedway aero kits that have caused some to suddenly go airborne, and that now have floors designed with holes in them. ABC has a new gimmick: two drivers will be outfitted with biotelemetry that will give viewers the heart and respiration rate as well as calorie burn during the race.

But you can’t see any of this LIVE if you live in Indianapolis…

This will even be the first year Jim Nabors won’t be singing “(Back Home Again in) Indiana” since 1972. A band called “Straight No Chaser” is taking over.


To be clear, if you live in the Indianpolis viewing area – you don’t get to watch the race until Sunday night. You know how much fun *delayed broadcasts* of major sporting events are, right? Indianpolis is the “Indy” in Indy 500.

On the positive side, anyone at least 100 miles outside of Indianpolis can see the race live. It is going to be beamed, in fact, to 213 countries besides the 49 states.

This isn’t new. The blackout has been around since 1951. That’s before Eisenhower was POTUS. You can’t even Google this phrase: “bars in indianapolis watch 2015 indy 500”.

Don’t forget Legendary Car Guy has picked Will Power to win tomorrow. He has 6:1 odds so collecting the money on a $100 bet will be sweet! At least gambling hasn’t been blacked out!

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