If you happen to be in Geneva this Thursday (March 5), put down your strudel and get to the Geneva Motor Show. Jim Glickenhaus is premiering his eagerly anticipated versatile supercar, the SCG003.

Jim has willed this true *racecar for the street* into existence. Such an objective may have been somewhat less overwhelming with the Ferrari 250 a half century ago. But by today’s standards, the gulf seems almost unbridgeable. On the other hand, Jim recently refused $40 million from a sheikh for a coachbuilt Ferrari P4/5 he had built.

For an event like Nürburgring 24-hour endurance race, you pack a mid-mounted Honda Performance Development twin-turbocharged V6 in a detachable rear subframe. If on the other hand, you need to take a meeting in Santa Barbara after huddling with Tom Cruise in his comfy Hollywood Hills home… well, just swap in the twin-turbo W12.

With minimal differences between the road and the race versions, SCG003 promises to deliver the experience of a “modern, easy to drive race car, with down-force and engine torque that are unknown in the supercar world.

What a freakin’ amazing looking car! An LMP1 idling next to you at the stoplight!