BBC reports they have suspended their star host on Top Gear for engaging in a “fracas”. Definitely no show this weekend, and rumor has it that the rest of the season (2 more shows) have been canned.

Rumor has it that Clarkson “clocked” a producer. No reason has been advanced for why the 6’5″ host would take a swing.

Update: Over 500,000 people – and that’s a lot of car guys – have signed a petition to restore Jeremy to Top Gear. Watch petition accumulation HERE.  

This is just the latest bucket of hot water in which Clarkson has found himself. Ethnic slurs have allegedly dogged him.

Clarkson has brought a new edginess and charisma to the series, helping catapult its fan base into a global phenomenon.

Jeremy Clarkson quote: “Speed has never killed anyone… suddenly becoming stationary… That’s what gets you.”