When Jeremy Clarkson punched that producer in a row over late night dining options, he really punched his ticket.  The UK Telegraph says the former Top Gear host is gonna get paid $15 million per by Amazon.

That works out to $1.225 million for each of the planned 36 episodes….

His two sidekicks, Hammond and May, and his inveterate producer Wilman are not being left far behind in the Amazon generosity sweepstakes.  They each pick up $11 million per year.

Clarkson’s pay has increased  tenfold.   He has catapulted from the $1.53 million from the BBC to the stratospheric $15 million.  (Jay Leno used to get paid $17 million a year by way of comparison; so did Rush Limbaugh now that I think about it.)  Hammond and May will be bringing home a lot more bacon and closing the gap between what Clarkson was making and their salaries.  The gap used to be half.

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Image Credit: Ana Poenariu / AFP / Getty Images