Ken Eberts *Dad’s Home* is so amazingly comforting – especially in light of today’s travail.  Charles Maher, also a top AFAS artist, captures the serenity of the season in Love Santa.

Crisp air and the scent of evergreens doesn’t make the holiday of togetherness.  Add the warmth radiated by these artists to your home.


*Dad’s Home* by Ken Eberts 

“Before there were microwavable Healthy Choice meals and cell phones to keep track of everyone, there was dinner around a dining room table. Life may have been a bit more graceful then and this 1940 Buick arriving home – right on time – says it all.”

One of only 50 prints, all personally approved and signed by the artist.  Click on *Dad’s Home*.

Giclee Limited Edition = 50      SIZE: 28 in x 22 in


*Thunderbird* by Ken Eberts

Giclee Limited Edition = 50     SIZE = 30 in x 20 in

For another wintry scene by Ken, more adventurous, is *Thunderbird*.  When painting it, Ken imagined: “A 1960 Thunderbird cruises along a deserted Fifth Avenue in Manhattan as a snowstorm falls. The famous blizzard of 1960 has chased away the swarms of people, cars, trucks and buses. All has been swept clean with the exception of this brave, futuristic T-bird.”

Another renowned AFAS artist, Charles Maher is one of our most favorite artists.


James Maher’s *Love Santa*

Limited Edition Giclee = 50      SIZE = 46 in x 26 in

A white gullwing creating its own white celebration in the midst of a forest clearing.  The suppleness of the car stands in contrast to the treeless saplings in the background… except of course for the amply decorated Christmas Tree.  See the yellow bow?  This car is a gift from someone to someone intensely special, I’m guessing.  The print is almost 4 feet wide!

A showstopper that illuminates Yuletide for the car lover.  Click on *Love Santa*.