Just got the Christmas card from Ken and Liz Eberts.  This year it is specially poignant.

I mean, given all the erratic strife in 2016, it’s a warm touch to reach back.

The title of Ken Ebert’s piece is *Christmas 1949* and in the card he identifies the “principals” as Maybelle, Maisie and Chester.  Those are names from 1949; my grandfather, for example, was named Chester.  I was born in 1949.  I remember the era that produced the feelings of this scene.  I remember the smell of the car seats.

The trio is loading up the 1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan Town Sedan with plenty of presents.  There is a married couple; what’s the relationship of the second woman?  One woman is in stylish boots, the other in high heels, amidst a neatly ploughed scene.  What do you think they are saying to each other?

Note the suicide doors and the fastback body!

1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan in Ken Eberts painting

The father figure is looking at us and maybe he is wondering how 67 years later, we will all turn out!

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