Italian Grand Prix at Monza and “same old, same old” Hamilton takes pole.  Niki Lauda cuffs Rosberg for mediocre grid position.  Legendary Car Guy wants to stick with Lauda…

But maybe he gets a mysterious call…


The rest of us weren’t exactly in the room at the time but the overseas call the Legendary Car Guy got today, let’s just say he “took in the other room.”  We think it was or may have been and even probably should have been a call from head of Mercedes Petronas Formula 1 juggernaut, Niki Lauda.

Apparently the communique was that a certain race handicapper – prognosticator (initials: Legendary Car Guy) would be well advised to advise his followers to put their lira on Hamilton.

Niki maybe said Rosberg’s complaint about running a passe engine was as valid as a Honda owner whining he only got 190,000 miles out of his Accord.  Not valid.  It was a perfectly fine Mercedes engine.

Niki could have pointed to these stats:  this was Hamilton’s 11th pole position in 12 races, and his seventh in a row. Only Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher have kicked that field goal.  Hamilton has won twice here already.  And it’s a fast track.


We heard Legendary Car Guy point out that the Ferrari were nipping at the heels of Hamilton… a blur away from Hamilton!  Niki shouted, if Hamilton gets away cleanly, EVERYONE ELSE IS DEAD MEAT.

So Legendary Car Guy will go along, it’s been weeks since he has tasted the blast of champagne in his face of victory and prognostication.

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