Bolstered by his successful prognostication of the Porsche victory at Le Mans, Legendary Car Guy is ready to pick the Austrian Grand Prix winner for Sunday’s race.

And it ain’t Mercedes…


Sebastian Vettel is going to win in his Ferrari. He has been first in the 2nd & 3rd practice runs. However Hamilton Lewis has grabbed the pole position yet again in the qualifying run. Vettel will sit at third. Last year’s winner Nico Rosberg, is 2nd.

Legendary Car Guy gives his reason for backing Vettel…

“The A1 ring is owned by the guy that owns Red Bull. In fact the track follows the contours of a bull. Since Team Red Bull let Vettel walk over to Ferrari without so much as a whimper or ‘fair thee well’, Sebastian will have the extra incentive to grab the top of the podium. No one likes to be spurned, even if it’s their decision to leave.”

The peak temperature for Sunday’s race is expected to be 67 degrees F  (19 degrees C), and some scattered showers are also predicted.  Vettel’s fast practice runs earlier were on wet tracks.

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