Indeed, it’s Fourth of July weekend, but the rest of the universe refuses to stop what they are doing. So the British GP is Sunday, and Legendary Car Guy is going with Nico.

Reasons for picking Rosberg…


  • Nico has been crossing finish line first of late (like 3 of last 4)
  • He just missed winning British GP last year and won the year before that
  • Legendary Car Guy ate a bagel before retiring last night and had a vivid dream of Nico spraying champagne while Hamilton ate a bagel near by
  • Rosberg was half a second quicker than Hamilton in Friday practice, who complained…

“The car is all over the place. I can’t go any faster than I am now.”

Home driver Lewis Hamilton leads his Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg by a mere 10 points in the driver’s championship. Nico is breathing down his neck.

For the 28 people in the US interested in watching the race in entirety: TV: NBCSN and Live Stream: NBC Sports Live Extra