“Rosberg” whispered Legendary Car Guy when asked who would win the upcoming Hungarian Grand Prix.  He hated to pick a favorite – one of the two Mercedes drivers – but the evidence is there.

Update: uh, oh Lewis got pole again …

This Sunday the Hungarian Grand Prix will run in Budapest at the Hungaroring.  Last year, Daniel Ricciardo won for Red Bull on a rain-soaked track.  Guess what is predicted for this weekend: thunderstorms and HOT.

The course is one of the most technically challenging and slower circuits.  Lots of technical corners.  Overtaking is extremely difficult.

Last year’s winner, Daniel Ricciardo RED BULL says “It’s tight, twisty and bumpy, and you have to use a lot of curb.”  Lotus’ technical director warns, “You need high downforce and we’re using the medium and soft tyres at what is likely to be a hot track.”

Legendary Car Guy is going with Nico Rosberg because of his success at Monaco.  Nelson Piquet once compared driving around Monaco to riding around your living room on a bicycle. Monaco is the tightest, twistiest and most physically and mentally demanding of all.

If Legendary Car Guy is wrong in his prediction, and some other driver wins, please check back here for excellent excuses which are being prepared for you just in case.