Since the BBC seems hell-bent on replacing the hosts for Top Gear, Automotive-Art wants to help. With the announcement of Chris Evans, the Beeb is obviously serious and requires assistance. We are formally announcing an informal casting call. Please send in your suggestion or propose yourself!

How about an American?


Who would you like to see replace Jeremy Clarkson? Or Richard Hammond and James May? Yes, Chris Evans has been penciled in as a swap for Clarkson, but who knows if that will take? Even Evans admits that there is an open audition to fill out his team, according to *The Week* British magazine.

“Evans said that he now hopes to find his new co-hosts through open auditions. He said anyone from anywhere in the world with “a real appetite for cars” could apply, regardless of whether they were “famous people” or not.”

We say all the host roles are up for grabs! You can even PROPOSE YOURSELF if you easily banter and are always ready for some mischief.  Just provide a link to a :30 video of yourself. A blue ribbon judging panel will evaluate the suggestions and send the most promising to the BBC.

The person who makes the most compelling casting suggestion gets $30 Amazon Gift Certificate. Decision by our blue ribbon panel will be final. (In the case of duplicated winning suggestions, first come, first served.)

Our casting call will conclude midnight June 30, 2015.

Post your suggestion or personal link on our Facebook Page under Comments. Give a reason for your suggestion please.