You should have thought of this! But you didn’t, so we will explain how to possess historic racing scenes in exceptional IMAX detail.

You didn’t invent drones either, so ok…

In the beginning of time, art was made by scratching rock on rock.  So cave drawings were invented.  Skip ahead to the 21st century, and the era of The Secret Life of Pets and Transformer movies “Dignity, Damn it!”

So imagine a team of top flight artists, cinematographers, cgi digital experts, Hollywood editors and grips to go grab burgers at midnight.  Their objective is to recreate landmark moments in racing history.  Rather than use a brush, palette and canvas, they use the 21st century tool set.

This Czech team, lead by Jan Rambousek, has created sensational pictures of exceptional clarity, depth, intelligence and energy that you can hang on your walls.

Standing in front of one of these prints is… it’s like the scene actually unfolding in front of you.  Beyond realism to reality.

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The pictures can be big enough that they can be mounted in the boardroom of the most impressive companies on earth.  Large prints are over 7 feet wide.  What can be more inspiring to fellow board members than an image of a Ferrari 250 GTO winning the Le Mans?  Medium are over 3 feet wide.  The medium just might be right sized to strike awe into cubicle neighbors or those aligned on a work desk at Google.

Think what the titans of industry would be thinking if they had some of these images posted in their intergalactic headquarters?  Or how thrilling one of the medium sized prints would make your den!  I’m just saying….